Skarkon Situation Heats Up: Supercarrier Sighted Over Skarkon II

“In a surprising escalation of the ongoing Skarkon Invasion by warclones of the Bosena Accords and United Neopian Federation based security forces 2, a Wyvern class Supercarrier with UNF identifiers was sighted in orbit, with a Sin class Black Ops escorting.”

“When reached for comment, the pilot of the Supercarrier, identified as the UNF SCVG-001 Wellspring Source from transponder beacons, Lauralite Brezia, had this to say, “This represents a force escalation well above normal operational parameters, but it has been weighed against other options available to us and has been determined to be the best course forward. We remain in steady contact with our local liaisons in the Republic Security Services, they were informed of this coming escalation, and made no attempts to dissuade us from moving forward.” When asked for comment on the nature of the advanced craft deployed, Ms. Brezia was more recalcitrant with her answer, but stated that “Clone Pilots have been deployed and will be conducting operations alongside Warclone and Baseline units.”

Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!


Following their initial invasion of Skarkon II 6, the Bosena Accords and their allies in the United Neopian Federation 1 have committed further material support for the prolonged invasion of Skarkon II in their war against the Krullefor Organization. In addition to their previous vanguard force outlined in their press release, shipping manifests have confirmed the deployment of four Chakram heavy assault vehicles.”

Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!
(Above: Bosena Accords dropships escort RDV transports delivering Chakram II HAVs planetside)


As most of you already know, some major changes are coming to Eve Online. Here is an excerpt from their blog.

“Resilient Capsuleers,

The quest for a healthy Capital ecosystem continues with a massive update to Capital survivability, resistance modules, and more in the Surgical Strike update, coming this April!

As outlined in the recent Ecosystem Outlook blog, bold changes are being made across EVE in the search for diversity and new exciting options for pilots. Surgical Strike will bring Capital survivability more in line with the rest of New Eden, reduce the overwhelming power of logistics, make adjustments to some long-standing powerhouses in the Subcapital meta, and begin to establish more payoff for getting up close and personal with your enemies. Let’s get into it!”

Eve Online


“Generous Capsuleers,

So far, EVE players have raised $578,070 for charity across all PLEX for GOOD campaigns since 2005! This is an incredible feat which all EVE Online players can be proud of. With the newest PLEX for GOOD campaign now activated to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, thanks must be given to our charitable Capsuleer community!

From 9 April to 16 April, the Capsuleer Generosity Celebration will take place, and by logging in on four days during the event, you will receive free gifts. As an Alpha Clone State Capsuleer, you can log in and claim the special Frontier Safeguarder SKIN for the Osprey, Augoror, Scythe and Exequror. Omega Clone State pilots will get those SKINs, as well as crates that may provide random Agency Combat Boosters, a random T2 Logistics Cruiser Frontier Safeguarder SKIN, a random Force Auxiliary Frontier Safeguarder SKIN, and another random Frontier Safeguarder SKIN for T2 Cruisers or Force Auxiliaries.”

Fly safe!

Eve Online

Nice tip from Eve Online about taking damage

This was an option either I didn’t know about or just forgot about. Great for the industrialists when out mining and either NPCs land on grid, or just someone wanting to gank you.